Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Oh that mountain in Greece
When we heard those wild geese
And the song of the lonely goat herder

The sky turned deep blue
And I whispered to you
"What a wonderful night for a murder"

We crept through the farm
Without raising alarm
From the vigilant crippled cheese-curder

Til we came to a barn
With a roof almost gone
And I stood you as quiet as a birder

But before I could make
Up a minor eathquake
You began quoting Wolfgang Von Goethe

Some Sturm and Drang shit
And the earthiest bit
From Mahler's Das Lied Von Erde

You said "It's high time
That you paid for your crime
Before it can go any further"

So you hit me for six
With a series of kicks
And that was the point when I heard a

Falling steel girder*

*this poem has been cancelled due to an overambitious rhyme-scheme and failure to cohere. Here, have a bit of The G-Stav instead.

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