Saturday, April 22, 2006

Blogicide Note 1.0

Sorry, did I not explain? I've stopped writing this blog and I doubt I shall start again. Life has encroached to the point where i'm devoting all my creative energies to participation within. The blog has given up on me too. All I'd be able to use it for if I carried on is to tell a few stories about what has happened to me recently, try out new ideas and derive newer ones from well-received old ones. But that's what I do now on stage and it's hard enough without having to write it up as well. Anyone who's seen me knows how I struggle with telling stories. And one-liners. Actually, I don't know if any of my material isn't a compromise in some way. I'm taking time off to make it more uncompromising. So I'm more guarded in my writing now that I am doing something as open and expressive as live performance (which I still loathe). I connect to people whose faces I can see and whose appreciation (or otherwise, in the case of an all-too prominent venue I played a few weeks ago) I can twist into a dangerous psycho-sexual thrill. I take away some great friends I've made both electronically and fleshily - I shan't list them because I can't remember their names but they're great, great friends nevertheless. Ok, I don't want to because we all know who we are anyway. So thanks for coming, those of you that did. I always wanted to write a diary and I always wanted people to read it. That's what the internet's done for me. Blogs come and go and this one's just done both. Nutgroist


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