Thursday, July 21, 2005

interestingly, if you want the best boiled egg in the world, there's no need to take drastic steps like boiling water and poppnig an egg into a pan for 4 mintues. no, simply wait til the chicken is about to lay and egg, and hold its egg hole shut tight for 4 minutes - et voila - oeuf bouille dans la poule


Monday, July 18, 2005

Yes, I did die in the london bombing, but no, that's not the reason i've beeen absent from this blog. I've been ill, poorly, sick as a sack of gone off shit - i've also been poor, too poor to waste my time writing for non-paying customers when i could be, er, doing whatever it is that i do for a living. I was also shocked into silence by my near-miss at a hugely tasteless and inappropriate joke which i shall reprint here now. The day after London 'won' the 2012 Olympics over the favourites Paris, I was just about to post "Who's laughing now, Paris, who's laughing now?", when i got a call to turn on the television. I chose not to append a formulaic "....oh". So I kept a bit quiet in any case. I didn't do much frantic phoning round of my friends because there are 13 million people in london on an average working day and only a handful seemed to have been affected. I think, quite frankly, the odds of one of them getting hurt would have been so small, they'd call me first. And besides, i want them all dead.

and speaking of inappropriate responses:


anyway, i've seen precious little about who's really responsible for this. when the Irish used to bomb london in the 70's and 80's, it was because we were occupying part of their country and treating them as second class citizens. They wanted us out and then they'd stop. Now we're being bombed due to an 'ideology of evil' or somesuch. Not cos we're occupying another country or anything, then.

It's a good job the british people aren't racist...

talking to somewhat confused distant relative about the 4th bomber 'yes, well, there ar a lot of Pakistanis in that area' - oh, really? was the bomber Pakistani then? 'er, well, er, the police have not said much'. he was Jamaican, of course.

and she's Indian.


Monday, July 04, 2005

I remember last year reading about some 'expert' who advised on how to protect children from paedophiles got caught abusing 3 underage girls and was sentenced to 7 years in jail. it makes me think.. How do you become an expert in something like that?

You can’t be a chef if you don’t dip your fingers in the pot, innit

I went on the march against keeping poverty in Dublin last week. It was a nice affair, a leisurely walk from Parnell St down to Merrion Square with a free concert at the end of it all. I must admit to being slightly disappointed upon realising it wasn't alleviating specific Africans' debts, as were many of my fellow white South African ex-pats on the march. Don't Bob Geldof and the G8 leaders know how expensive it is to keep a maid, a driver and a boy to kill the chickens in this day and age?

Nice to see so many white bands on display around the world on saturday.

Cos Pete Doherty's got so much more to say about Africa than Femi Kuti, Ali Farka Toure, Hugh Masakela, Babba Maal, Oumou Sangare, Thomas Mapfumo and about 9 million others, hasn't he.

I think if you're gonna push for a fair deal for Africa, chucking a bit of a trade opportunity their way like promoting some leading African musicians to take part would have been an idea, no?


Sunday, July 03, 2005

I bought some approxy resin the other day.

it does roughly what it says on the tin


which is exactly what it says on the tin


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